Summer is finally here! And vacation plans are upon us. Your trip is booked. Your bags are packed. If you’re a mom of a baby or a little one, this can be a stressful or overwhelming thinking about how your going to get your little one to sleep or share a room. I’ve been there. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered mama! You won’t need to stress if you follow these simple tips. Here are a few things you can do to keep bedtime and naptime process easy and smooth. 


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Mimic Their Sleep Environment

If your child sleeps in their own room, try to get creative and re-create that space when out of town. If a separate bedroom is not an option, try putting the crib or pack and play in the bathroom, closet or a hallway to put a barrier between you and your child.

Avoid Bedsharing

If your child is used to falling asleep on their own- let them do that on the trip as well. Often when families are staying in a hotel room, they decide to bedshare since they are all sleeping in the same room. Your child may decide that this is their new favorite or preferred location to sleep, and you may end up opening a can of worms after you return home. Most hotels offer cribs to use or rent. Call ahead of time to find out. If they do not, utilize a pack and play to use as a crib.

Bring a White Noise Machine

White noise will cover the sounds between other sleepers in the room. It also will help mask any noise outside the room or hallway noise from other travelers or cars driving by.  I recommend placing the noise machine near the door. Travel noise machines are inexpensive and are compact enough to stow away. My favorites are the Lectrofan Kinder and the Yogasleep Hush Portable White Noise Machine. There are also several free apps that you can download to use. But if you use your phone, just be sure to put your phone face down to eliminate blue light exposure.

Make the Room as Dark as Possible

Do not assume that the room will have dark out shades. Even the best dark out shades can allow some light from the morning sun to leak through the sides. Pack black trash bags or tinfoil to place on the outer corners of the windows if you feel the place you are staying will not have adequate dark window coverage.

Children Thrive on Routine

Stick to your child’s usual routine of naps and bedtime. Your little one will likely be overwhelmed by all the new information they are taking in with travel and being in a new environment. Sticking to the usual routine will help prevent meltdowns and overtiredness.

Break Up the Day

Allow for several breaks in the day. Parents will often overload the days with activities or the opposite- just go out without a plan at all. That may work well before having children or even with teenagers. But little ones will need frequent non-stimulating rest breaks. Plan for time back at the room or stroller rides to get them away from the action.

What to Pack When Traveling with a Baby or Toddler

Packing for a trip with a baby or toddler can feel incredibly overwhelming. There’s SO much to bring! To make sure you don’t forget anything, I’ve created a travel packing list for you!

Free Travel Packing List
Don't stress about what to pack for your child when you're traveling. Download my free travel packing checklist so you won't forget anything.

When You Get Home

It is ok to veer from the usual routine sometimes. Everyone needs a chance to enjoy themselves especially while on a fun family trip.

And if your child’s sleep did happen to derail while you were on your trip, it’s not too late to get them back on track.  We can set up a free 15 minute evaluation so I can get to know the specifics about your little ones situation. We can see if a more personalized sleep training method is what you need to help your little one start sleeping through the night.