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Angela Sluga

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Hello All! My name is Angela “Angie” Sluga and I am your Southern Oregon Sleep Consultant.

About Me

I am a hardworking mother of two blessings, Amelia (9) and Dexter (2). In addition to being a mom, I am a vibrant prekindergarten teacher as well as a life-long learner (I will be the 80+ year old that will still sit on the edge of her seat wanting to learn more!). Although I have my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, I quickly realized in the real world that my passion is working with (and supporting) young children and their families. I am now working on a degree in Early Childhood Education, but would love to get my Master’s in Elementary later down the road.

A Tough Road to Learning Positive Sleep Skills

After having a traumatic birthing experience with Amelia, sleep was a struggle for her as well as me. Young and unexperienced in so many ways, I had no clue what to do, so I desperately listened and followed the rules of “not spoiling your baby” and “letting your child cry it out.” Years later, those two rules got me absolutely nowhere. I felt that horrible “bad mommy” feeling and my overly exhausted Amelia needed a more gentle and supportive approach for sleep.

Although Dexter had a bit of a rocky sleep road in the beginning (mostly due to him learning how to correctly nurse in those first couple of months), he was honestly an amazing sleeper. The difference with Dexter’s sleep approach was that I was equipped with child development training, had more experience working with young children and had the tough memories of what not to do from Amelia’s sleep journey. It was important for me to understand that there is no such thing as spoiling a baby (a newborn at that) and it was my responsibility for helping him feel safe and cozy until he was able to learn how to create that feeling for himself.  It was a amazing accomplishment that at the exciting age of two (and full of energy), I have been able to help support him in being a wonderful sleeper!

My Decision of Being a Sleep Consultant

There have been countless mornings where families come into classroom to drop their child off and look completely exhausted. Although I could lend a pair of listening ears, I often wished that I could do more to support the families I work with, but I knew my skills were limited. Since COVID, I see that more families have been forced to merge their home and work lives together, which appears to have made the evening and bedtime routines trickier, which often results in less sleep for everyone!

One night I was looking online to put my life-long learner personality to the test and see what else I could do part-time that would help add complementary skills to my tool belt and Live Love Sleep popped up. I instantly fell in love with the idea of helping families on a more personal level, so I immediately contacted Kaley Medina in hopes that she could shed some light on what a sleep consultant would be like. Strong prayer, lots of family conversation and nurturing my love for learning something new has given me this wonderful opportunity to help families in the most needed way: The Gift of Sleep!

Your Southern Oregon Sleep Consultant

Working from Medford, Oregon I am here to serve local families as well as support families outside of my home state.

Sleepless nights for little ones and whole families is not something that just has to be part of “typical family life.” With the natural ebb and flow of today’s life already making things tricky, we families need all the rest we can get! When children sleep better, they are set-up for success. When families sleep better, they can take care of their responsibilities and give more of their “present” selves to their children.  Children will benefit from this ripple effect of real-time presence from those they love. In return, the family unit will become stronger and happier. Because I believe in this life-changing ripple effect, I am here to help support your child while they learn the skills on how to get a good night’s sleep. 

Take me up on my invitation for supporting your family and email me at or book your free 15-minute Discovery Call. I look forward to working closely with you and your family on this challenge!


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