Ashley Ahearn

About Your Houston and Austin Sleep Consultant

Ashley Ahearn

Your Houston and Austin Sleep Consultant

Hi, I’m Ashley Ahearn, your Houston & Austin sleep consultant. I currently live in Houston, TX with my husband, Jonathan, proudly raising our two children, Harrison and Parker. Our family is active with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Poultry Auction committee and The Junior League of Houston. We enjoy traveling the globe and absorbing the culture of the cities and people we meet along the way, but most nights you can find us cooking at home and catching up on the latest Netflix series.

My Sleep Training Journey

The day we found out we were pregnant with my son Harrison we were moving into our new home. I was overcome with joy and excitement but also overwhelmed with how to prepare for a newborn and get our house in order. Both my husband and I were the first to have kids in our family and most of my friends who had kids before us never spoke of any resources on how to get your children sleeping through the night so I just assumed it was something I would learn along the way.

Five months after our son was born, I was still getting up several times a night to help soothe Harrison back to sleep. Many of the tips and resources my friends provided just weren’t working for us and I didn’t know what to do. My husband and I were both working full-time jobs and showing up sleep deprived every day. I was so jealous of friends who had babies sleeping through the night and started to think I had done something wrong.

Thankfully I met Kaley at a Junior League of Houston networking luncheon while she was in the process of becoming a certified sleep consultant after having success with getting her daughter to sleep through the night. She was my blessing in disguise that day reassuring me that I was not alone and together we could implement a more custom, gentle sleep plan to get Harrison sleeping through the night.  After our third night, Harrison slept 12 straight hours and years later has continued to be a great sleeper.

Your Houston & Austin Sleep Consultant

When the opportunity presented itself to join Kaley’s team, I didn’t hesitate for one second. Her loving and gentle sleep approach needs to be shared with so many more families who are still silently struggling with how to get their precious children sleeping through the night.

Are you currently expecting or have baby or toddler who’s struggling with naps or multiple nighttime wakings? I would love the opportunity to partner with your family and coach you on gentle, healthy techniques to help everyone get back to a good night’s rest.