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About Your Houston and Austin Sleep Consultant

 Austin and Houston Sleep Consultant Deborah McInnes

Hi, I’m Deborah McInnes, your Houston Sleep Consultant. I am a native Houstonian and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.  I currently, live in Houston with my husband John and our four young children: Mollie, Annie Cate, Forrest, and Banks.  Our home is always busy, but full of lots of love, laughter, and most importantly……sleep. 

My mother-in-law gave me the greatest piece of advice before I had my first child: “Put your oxygen mask on first, so you can take care of your baby.”  As a new mother, we know it is next to impossible to care for you family, let alone yourself, if you aren’t getting the rest that you need.

Coming from a large family, I learned early on from my siblings with young children that establishing a strong sleep routine was key to raising a happy and healthy baby, not to mention maintaining the sanity between myself and my husband. While I did not have formal training when we had our first child, I did follow a few key fundamental steps outlined in the many books I found myself reading cover to cover while also utilizing my siblings as a sounding board for advice. Some guidance was helpful, some to be honest was not a fit for me, and some was plain out awful. After some trial and error, playing with different concepts, we did ultimately find that right fit for us and our baby. I personally thrive on a routine and schedule, so I implemented what I had learned, and my daughter was sleeping through the night by nearly 12 weeks. Success!

Then we had baby #2. Ask anyone you know with multiple children and they will tell you the rules change when you bring that second (or third… or fourth) baby into the mix. The needs and schedule of a toddler alongside that of a newborn is a new experience all together. I utilized what worked earlier and tweaked what needed to be adjusted to fit our situation. While there are some key “rules to the game” there is also room to tailor the path to fit your life, changes and all. I found that persistence and a never-give-in attitude were my main tools to match the success that we had with our first would also work for our second.

Learning About The Importance of Sleep

Soon after having such a successful experience with children, I was eager to help spread the word to friends and family members on how to develop an effective plan to help their babies sleep. Like my siblings were a sounding board for me, I wanted to do all I could to provide that benefit to others.  Before I knew it, I became the “go-to” mom for baby sleep advice. First friends were contacting me for sleep advice, then friends of friends, then strangers.  Next thing I knew, I was spending the night at friends’ houses helping them with their babies sleep. I loved being able to help and especially loved hearing from them days later about the success they had, it is so rewarding.  After helping so many people for almost 10 years, I have learned that no single plan is perfect because every child is different. Being a new mother is already so overwhelming, but having someone to walk alongside you, and be a sounding board for you on this journey to restful nights is incredibly beneficial. I am here to help you find the right solution for your family.

Your Austin & Houston Sleep Consultant

If you are currently not getting enough sleep because your baby is up all night or not napping, or if you are expecting the arrival of a child, I would love to help you!  We will work together to get your baby to sleep through the night. As a Houston  Sleep Consultant, I have been able to help so many willing parents and it is one of my greatest joys working with families. Email me at or schedule a Free 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call with me today!

Deborah McInnes, Austin & Houston Sleep Consultant