Jaime Drummond

About Your DFW Sleep Consultant

Jaime Drummond

Your DFW Sleep Consultant

Hey! I’m Jaime Drummond, your DFW Sleep Consultant.

I am a California transplant living in Forney, TX with my handsome husband, Jimmy, and our beautiful children, Teo Life and Amélie Amor. We are watched over by our oldest and angel baby Maebel Lily. 

Much of my adult career has been spent working with youth. From a counselor in Juvenile Justice Services to a Child Family Specialist in a Residential Treatment and foster homes.  In addition to being a sleep consultant, I am a life consultant/coach with an emphasis on EASE. I value supporting people in doing the hard parts of life with as much ease as possible.

My Sleep Training Decision

After Teo was born it was typical for me to get 30 minutes to 2 hours of sleep at night. I would brag about nights he only woke up 5 times. We would hear him begin to cry and run to pick him up to comfort him. When he was 6.5 months old I was convinced I was dying. I googled, “Can I die from sleep deprivation?” I was THAT tired. My partner and I realized that all day we parented from a place of confidence and love, but when it came to sleep, we were parenting from a place of grief. We could not do anything to save Teo’s older sister Mae, so we were constantly saving Teo. And one day we realized we were doing it for ourselves, not for him. It was so WE could feel better, not because it was what was best for him. And what is best for him? To be getting good quality sleep (and for me to also get that kind of sleep so I can be the mom Teo deserves.) 

Becoming a Sleep Consultant

It was 1am and I was emailing sleep consultants while holding baby boy and bouncing on a yoga ball. Teo had woken 9 times in 5 hours of “sleep”. And that’s when Live Love Sleep® entered and changed our lives in the most amazing way. I swear Teo cried less during sleep training than he did with all our “rescuing” all night every night. When Amélie was born we did things with so much more knowledge and skill. On her “worst” nights I got more sleep than on Teo’s “best” nights before finding Live Love Sleep®.

I truly feel that teaching Teo to sleep was what actually saved us all. Sleep training for our family has been the ultimate investment and activation of ease. And it sure makes the rest of our lives more functional and fun. I love being that support for others! I look forward to supporting you to have peace and rest back to your life. To feel like a real person again. And all in a customized way built for you and your family. Because our babies aren’t templates. 

Your DFW Sleep Consultant

Sleeplessness can feel like hopelessness. You don’t need to suffer and you are not alone. I got you. 

Email me at jaime@livelovesleep.com or go ahead and book your free 15 minute Discovery Call! I am your DFW Sleep Consultant & I look forward to celebrating your success story of your sweet child sleeping all night and you having space to yourself again! Your baby needs it and you deserve it!