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 Katie Richey

Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

I live in Rockwall, Texas with my husband Andrew and our two handsome boys, Andrew Carter (5) and Steven (14 months). We also have a fur baby, named Dottie.

I attended Texas Woman’s University and received my B.S in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2012. I am certified in General Studies (early childhood-6th grade), all levels of Special Education, ESL and Physical Education. 

I was an elementary school teacher over the course of nine years and taught different grade levels including Pre-Kingergarten, Kindergarten, and 2nd Grade. But my favorite age and subject area was special education/PPCD- preschoolers with different learning abilities. I loved helping my students with individual goals and having the privilege of working very close with their families. 

When my oldest son was born, we struggled with sleep. Fortunately,  he was the only child  and was an easy going baby. We somehow worked through his sleep issues. I remember when he was two I learned about sleep consultants and wished I had heard of them sooner so I could have used one to help Andrew sleep earlier on!


When my son Steven was born, my world was rocked. We struggled so much with sleep. The tricks that had worked with my oldest son did not help my youngest at all and I realized every child is so different. In order to get him to sleep, he needed to be rocked, nursed and held by me. I began resenting my husband because he couldn’t help me at all in getting the baby to sleep. I wasn’t able to play or spend time with my oldest son because I was always feeding or holding/rocking and trying to get the baby to sleep. He would sleep for 30 minutes at most, and the entire cycle would start again. I couldn’t even find time to go to the bathroom or prepare meals because of the nursing/sleeping routines the baby relied on.  I honestly felt like I was going to lose my mind! My entire family was suffering. Something had to change. 


I found Kaley online, and after our consultation I knew help was on the way – things were going to get better very soon. After our second night, we saw dramatic improvement in our son’s sleep. Having a customized sleep plan and someone reassuring me that I was doing things correctly gave me the confidence I needed. In a few nights our entire house was sleeping better. I am forever grateful for Live Love Sleep®. At the time, my husband and I knew being a sleep consultant would be the perfect career for me with my skill set and passion for children and families. After several months I found out that Kaley’s team was growing and I eagerly applied to join her team! 

I want to help other mamas know that they do not have to suffer in silence, motherhood doesn’t have to be this difficult! My passion is to customize this process for your family and support you through this life changing experience.

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