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Hi, I’m Katy Adams, your Houston & Austin Sleep Consultant. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was overcome by the initial rush of excitement. Then came fear. My biggest fear was “am I ever going to sleep again?” One of my best friends, a recent mother, told me about a newborn baby sleep book. I bought it right away. After reading it in one night, I felt somewhat better. I still couldn’t help but wonder if it was really going to work. I was simply overwhelmed by the glut of information and my own lack of experience. This same friend became my go-to person for any advice and questions.


I soon realized I could not have fully implemented the sleep plans and helped my son learn to sleep independently without someone to support me. After this experience, one of my primary goals has been to help parents develop and implement an effective plan to get their babies to sleep. I have learned that no single plan is perfect because every child is different. But having someone to walk alongside you on this journey to restful nights is incredibly beneficial.


My education, life and work have prepared me for my chosen career as a Baby Sleep Consultant. I studied Elementary Education and Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with honors. After leaving Austin, TX, I then taught 2nd grade for several years before assuming a leadership role with my church, Grace Bible Church in Houston, where I worked for ten years. I have helped numerous young families get their babies sleeping well. I currently live in the inner loop of Houston with my amazing and patient husband. We have four precious children – Daniel, Joseph and twin girls Adeline and Amy Kathryn. Life with four children is amazing (and crazy) and I am so thankful we all get our sleep!  

Your Houston & Austin Sleep Consultant

If you are currently not getting enough sleep because your baby is up all night or not napping, or if you are expecting the arrival of a child, I would love to help you!  We will work together to get your baby to sleep through the night. As a Houston and Austin Sleep Consultant, I have been able to help so many willing parents and it is one of my greatest joys working with families. Email me at katy@livelovesleep.com or schedule a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call with me today!