katy mills

About Your Frisco Sleep Consultant

Katy Mills

Your Frisco Sleep Consultant

Hey y’all, I’m Katy, and I am so excited to provide you much needed sleep help in the DFW area and beyond! I live in the Frisco, Texas area with my husband Garrett, our son Wesley, and our rainbow baby daughter Sunny James. We also have two dogs, Tucker & Roscoe!

You can usually find us outside, playing in some water, grilling out, or taking a golf cart ride! We also spend a great deal of time with our extended family. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.S in Retail Merchandising in 2018 where I became an assistant buyer until I decided to be a full time stay at home mama when my son was born.

My Road to Live Love Sleep

My son Wesley was always a pretty good sleeper. So when our rainbow baby Sunny was born, she rocked our world. She was a terrible sleeper…like get up every 2 hours every single night for 11.5 months bad sleeper. She hated naps, screamed all the time, and only like me. It got to the point where I was beyond miserable. I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t getting adequate time with our son Wesley. And she wouldn’t allow my husband to help soothe her at night. It all fell on my very tired shoulders.

Sunny screamed and cried all day. If I am being honest, I cried every day. Finally, I knew this wasn’t something I could tackle on my own. I found Live Love Sleep and immediately scheduled a call.

Through this program, Sunny went from getting up every two hours and having to be nursed back to sleep to sleeping through the night in 4 days! I think the most important part of the parenting journey is having a healthy mama who feels good enough to tackle the days and a healthy, happy baby who enjoys her days@ My family got their life back through Live Love Sleep.

My Road to Being a Sleep Consultant

I found out Kaley was growing her team, and immediately jumped at the opportunity. This career allows me to guide tired parents through the hardest parts of their parenting journey. I know what it is like to hold your baby’s tiny hand through the bars of the crib, and silently cry from exhaustion.

I want to let mamas and daddies know it doesn’t have to be this way. And we can get your baby on a better road gently and effectively. Watching the program work lit a fire in me. I want to show everyone what healthy sleep can look like for their baby! I am so excited to be a part of this incredible team.

Your Frisco Sleep Consultant

If you are struggling, feel defeated, beyond exhausted, and overwhelmed, please reach out to me. Let’s talk through how we can improve not only your baby’s sleep, but yours as well! We can customize a plan that allows a gentle approach to sleep training your little one. Sleep is a priority for health. Do no put it on the back burner!

Schedule  a free 15-minute Discovery Call with me, and let’s get your family on the right track!