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I’m Kira Holley, your Fresno Sleep Consultant. I have two wild, beautiful girls, Arya and Emily. My family and I live out in rural Reedley, California. My husband and I were born and raised in this area, and are proud to call it home.

My 15-Month Journey For Sleep

Where do I even begin? This whole journey started when Arya was a newborn. You know that phrase “Newborns sleep a lot their first few days,” well, Arya proved that wrong. Arya is and always will be a spirited child who absolutely loves adventures. When she was a newborn I couldn’t lay her down flat because she would immediately start crying. After talking with a doctor, we were told that it’s just normal and there was not much I could do about it. I honestly didn’t know any better because it was my first time going through this and I just wanted to prioritize her sleep so I held her on my chest the entire time. By 4 months old, I actually realized her stomach was sensitive to how much dairy I was consuming so when I eliminated that from my diet, all of her issues went away!

While I was beyond happy about that, she had already gotten used to being held to sleep so I just continued that habit. I still remember many nights calling my mom to come over and help me hold Arya so I could take a small nap. Around 7 months old is when I finally decided to seek help. I found someone local to the area and she helped me work on getting Arya to sleep in her own crib. I still had to wake up several times throughout the night but I thought that was normal.

Fast forward to 15 months old, she was only half sleeping in her crib and I was still feeding her at night because she kept crying. I felt like I was abandoning her if I let her cry so I kept going in to hold her until she fell back asleep. Around this time we moved to Texas for a few months and that’s when I discovered Live Love Sleep. Working with Live Love Sleep, I not only got Arya to finally sleep through the night, but I also gained the tools and confidence to help overcome any new challenges. The steps they gave me instantly made me feel like I could truly help my daughter and my family get a better nights sleep. And because of the tools they gave me, I’ve been able to develop better habits for our second daughter Emily. Babies and toddlers have so many new milestones and bumps in the road so it was truly a relief to work with a team that could help me now and for Arya’s future.

Your Fresno Sleep Consultant

It’s one thing to fix the issue, but its another thing to provide the tools and confidence for the future issues. That’s the difference with Live Love Sleep and that’s why I joined this amazing team. I want to empower as many parents as possible because sleep is achievable and you don’t need to wait 15 months like I did. As your Fresno Sleep Consultant, I know we can work together to achieve restful sleep for the whole family!

Let me help you with your child’s sleep needs. Email me at or book your Free 15-minute Discovery Call. I look forward to working with you and your family!

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