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Leah Adcock

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About Me

I live in Chantilly, Virginia with my husband Shawn, our son, Blake (3) and daughter Remi (9 months). We also have a chocolate lab, Charley and cat, Rascal. We are a full household.

I attended Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia and graduated with my Bachelors degree in 2010. I worked for our local government/police department for just over 11 years. I left my career as a Victim Services Specialist within the Major Crimes Bureau in August 2022. I couldn’t be more proud of the role I had helping victims of major crimes. I worked amongst a group of fearless women, while helping victims through the most traumatic and difficult times of their lives. I truly enjoy helping others. Whether I was called out to a case in the middle of the night or met a victim through follow up, I enjoyed being that shoulder to lean to ensure their rights as victims were acknowledged.

Sleep Training Journey

When my oldest, Blake was born we knew that sleep training was something we wanted to embark on. My husband was working 12 hour shifts and some were overnight. I was back to work and was on call quite frequently. During my on-call shifts, I could be called out at any hour of the day, I mean any hour of the day. So any sleep we could get, we needed. When Blake was 4 months old, that sleep regression hit us hard. He was never a great sleeper as it was but the sleep regression made things a lot more challenging. Nobody was sleeping. I remember one night, I had just finished nursing Blake and was ready to fall back to sleep and I was called out for work. I was exhausted. We knew at that moment, something needed to change.

We purchased a generic online sleep training program, and of course, the package without the one on one support. We certainly faced some challenges. We finally paid for some one on one sessions but the consultants were not available when we truly needed the help/guidance. However, we finally worked through some tweaks and our son was sleeping better than he was.

Fast forward to when our son was 16 months old, he had an emergency surgery. He was hospitalized and through that experience we faced many obstacles. One of them being our sleep routine. Our son was awake at night and asleep during the day. When we got home and worked through his recovery we realized we needed to sleep train again. Sleep training, a 16 month old is very different from sleep training, a 4 month old. From our sleep training endeavors months back, Blake had been taught to sleep well. This was different. 

My Journey to Live Love Sleep

Our sweet Remi, we figured we would follow the same plan we had with Blake. Well, we were wrong! We quickly learned that each child is different. At 4 months of age, Remi went from sleeping through the night to waking 2-3 times a night. I had just returned to work and the lack of sleep hit us differently than it had with Blake. We were not only chasing an active 3 year old but we both still had our on-call schedules for work. Add an infant into the mix who wasn’t sleeping; let’s just say it made for long days. 

We tried implementing the same plan we used with Blake. However, we couldn’t handle hearing her cry. It was not what we remembered with Blake. We knew we needed to not only figure this out for us, but for her. She was clearly tired by not getting the sleep she needed. I joined a mom’s Facebook group and found Kaley and her team through a referral. Another mom was raving about the success she had working with Kaley. The mom on the Facebook group talked about about how it only took 2 weeks and her son was sleeping through the night and taking longer naps.I remember calling my husband, telling him about Live Love Sleep and wanting to work with a sleep consultant. We needed a customized sleep plan!

We had our discovery call with Kaley and the very next day we began working with our sleep consultant for our customized sleep plan. Remi began sleeping through the night, on night 2! I wish we found Kaley and her team when we had Blake. The difference between an online sleep plan vs a one-on-one customized sleep plan is a night and day difference. We had someone in our corner each step of the way and a plan that was specifically made for Remi.

Sleep is an essential part of growth and development, and I look forward to helping families work through their customized sleep plan. You can email me at Leah@livelovesleep.com or book your free 15-minute Discover Call below. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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