Manu Brune

About Your Cincinnati Sleep Consultant

Manu Brune

Your Cincinnati and Dayton Sleep Consultant 

Hello, my name is Manu and I live in Franklin, OH with my husband, 2 boys and 3 fur babies. I have lived in the Cincinnati area my entire life. From getting my B.A from Miami in Oxford and then my MBA from Xavier University. I’ve spent the last few years of my career as a consultant in the IT field, but after having my first born I decided to become a postpartum doula specializing in providing educational resources for new parents.

I took all the childbirth and pregnancy classes, learning everything possible about what was happening and would happen to my body. However, I noticed that there was a severe lack of educational content for the postpartum period and all of it seemed to focus on the fourth trimester. That is when the idea formed in my head to provide this desperately needed education to other women and parents. 

Learning About Sleep Deprivation First Hand 

My first was a great sleeper in the beginning due to being Jaundice. We had to set alarms and wake him every 2 hours to feed. Once our feeds were over, he’d fall back asleep in my arms as I rocked him. This quickly became his sleep prop and he would not go down unless he was being held. This progressed until suddenly bedtime was taking us 30-40 minutes and he’d still be waking up every 3 hours. Originally we just thought that was a normal part of having a kid, but then a friend referred me to Live Love Sleep® and our world changed. Within 3 days, our once terrible sleeper was sleeping through the night, we didn’t have to rock him or 30 minutes to get him to go down! We finally had our sleep back (and just about time too, I was going back to work after COVID).   

Your Cincinnati Sleep Consultant

If you too are struggling with understanding your child’s sleep, I would love to connect with and help you regain your nights and nap hours. It is my passion to help parents overcome the overwhelming feelings that can consume the postpartum years! 

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