We have helped 100’s of families help their babies sleep through the night. And now adults will have some one to help them solve their sleep. Introducing Dr. Zeke Medina, Certified Adult Sleep Consultant.


About Zeke Medina


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Dr. Zeke Medina Pharm.D., R.Ph.

My name is Zeke Medina! I’m an a sleep coach for adults and a medication expert! I have been working with adults most of my life to help solve their health issues. From prediabetes to insomnia, my philosophy is to fully embrace lifestyle modification like nutritional coaching, supplements to balance deficiencies, and sleep coaching to get you thriving and feeling great in the morning! You would be amazed on what your body can do once you start sleeping 7.5 to 9 hours every night. For more information on the benefits of sleep, check out my article on The Importance of Sleep.

What is a Sleep Coach for Adults

Simply put. A detailed sleep plan has little effect without someone that is able to answer your questions, trouble shoot issues, and change up the plan if needed when things don’t work. In general, an adult sleep coach will help you with:

  • Laying out a customized plan in phases to help ease you into your new customized lifestyle
  • Education on the reasons why these changes are important for you and your health
  • Your progress by checking in with you regularly to identify any missteps or areas of frustration, and help mitigate those
  • Any questions related to your customized sleep plan
  • Identifying areas of difficulty in order to coach you through scenarios and exercises in order to optimize for success success

Customized sleep programs that I run are 6 weeks, but can be longer depending on your circumstances. In my scope of practice, the longer sleep plans typically involve pharmaceutical substances that have serious withdrawal effects, either physically or mentally. This is when I use my expertise as a doctor in pharmacy to help my clients find the best possible outcome. However, I take a more holistic approach in finding lifestyle interventions to help replace medications when ever possible.

What should be included in your Sleep Training Plan

It should not be a surprised that your sleep plan will be different for everyone. The first week might look the same for some, but typically the last 3 to 4 weeks is different based on end goals, and where you want to go once you start sleeping  and feeling refreshed. In general, a customized sleep plan should include:

  • A detailed schedule mapping out nightly routine and wake up routine.
  • The fundamentals on sleep architecture and where you are at in this model
  • Basics on diet (ie. What foods to avoid, minimize, and start eating more of)
  • The times and types of movement for optimal exercise
  • Recommendations on when and how to take breaks, naps, or any other types of stress relieving activities
  • A supplemental guide to counteract mineral and vitamin deficiencies, inflammation, and other metabolic issues that could prevent poor health or poor sleep
  • A review of previous and past health conditions, medications, labs (if available), and other issues you may have to adjust or work around, and
  • Education on how to prevent your sleep issues and stay on track for better health in the future

There is an assortment of things one should be looking at when helping to solve someone’s sleep or health issue. Often times we find other conditions like pain, prediabetes, or medications from chronic illnesses can cause us to have minor sleep issues that lead to chronic and severe issues. Sleep is at the heart of all things that require balance. Without sleep, then you gain a slew of health issues down the road.

Sleep Consultant for Adults

Often times, I am asked about the difference between a coach and a consultant. Are they the same? Not at all. Anyone can call themselves a consultant, an advisor, an expert, or a certified sleep consultant expert. See what I did there? Yeah it sounds great to hire someone like that! In reality this is when you are going to have to use your judgement and look into things like credentials, experience, and authority in their subject matter. Here are just some examples or questions you may want to look into:

  • Do they have a certification or a license to help people with sleep issues, insomnia, or to recommend supplements based on labs or a detailed questionnaire?
  • Are they an authority figure on sleep? Have they been featured on television, national websites, healthcare magazine, published research articles, or have credible professionals that support their work?
  • Were they highly recommended by someone that worked with them? Are there any credible reviews?
  • After speaking with a consultant, what does your GUT tell you? Do you feel good about your interaction? Can you talk to him/her when you have a question? Do feel confident in talking to them about your medical history in order to dive deep into finding the root cause and solving it?

These are just some of the important questions to think about when you are searching for the right Adult Sleep Consultant to write your customized sleep plan. The other trait is to find a consultant that also coaches and enjoys solving problems that fit their realm of expertise. Since being a doctor in pharmacy, I have had the privilege of working with people with metabolic issues like diabetes, sleep apnea, insomnia, and weaning clients off of controlled sleeping pills.

 As a sleep coach that looks to set you on the right track after you are sleeping well, I want to focus on kickstarting your goals after you are crushing your sleep goals and starting to feel more energetic and disciplined in your life.

Think about that. More energy to keep those workouts consistent and more discipline to focus on the right things to eat! This is what clients start to feel after getting consistent sleep every night.

My program consists of changing bad sleep habits into better sleep habits that will allow you to drift into high quality sleep.  

The goal is to make small habit changes throughout the program to induce a big monumental change at the end. This change is life changing sleep that leads to huge daytime improvements! 

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