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Cincinnati Sleep Training –

In-Home & Remote Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach

We help new Cincinnati parents go from hopelessly exhausted to restful harmony using gentle sleep training methods

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Cincinnati Sleep Training –

In-Home & Remote

Pediatric Sleep Coach

I help new Cincinnati parents go from hopeless exhaustion to restful harmony using gentle sleep training methods

Cincinnati Sleep Coach

You are so careful to give your child the best you can in life. You worry about their nutrition, their growth, their emotional healthy, and so much more. You’ve done all you can think of to help them get a better night’s sleep, but nothing is working.   

You worry that your last option is to leave them all alone and make them cry themselves to sleep. But you can’t stand that idea.

You’re in the right place. Because this is not our approach to sleep training!   

Our gentle sleep training methods are carefully designed to keep you in the room with your child as they learn how to fall asleep independently. 

It’s not cry-it-out.

This approach allows you to continue providing your child with the love and attention you both crave. 

By the end of your long day, the last thing you want is to lay your child down into their bed, doing literal gymnastics to get them to sleep, only to have them wake up in an hour to do it all over again.  

You want a bedtime routine without tears (for everyone). And a peaceful, sweet bedtime is absolutely within your reach!   

We’ve worked with over 3,000 families and have successfully had children and babies sleeping through the night in as little as 3 nights!

Our gentle sleep training methods are successful no matter what “bad habits” picked up so far in their life. You will gain the confidence and understanding necessary to help transform your difficult sleeper into a true sleep champ.

Is your “baby” 8 years old and still not sleeping well? We can help!

Have you been home from the hospital for only a few days and haven’t slept for more than 20 minutes at a time? We can help you too!

Our gentle sleep training methods are successful with children up to 8 years old.


How Can Your

Cincinnati Sleep Consultant Help?

Here’s How Your Cincinnati Sleep Trainer Can Help

You don’t have to go throughout your day feeling like a zombie, begging for an IV line of coffee.

Your child doesn’t have to be cranky and fussy all day.

You need more sleep. Every health recommendation from weight loss to stress management to illness control all involve you getting more sleep.

Your baby needs more sleep, too. Your baby’s brain development, emotional regulation, and immune system all rely on quality sleep.

Sleep is not only a necessity of life, it is a form of self-care. Imagine getting 8 hours of sleep! You will wake up feeling rested and energized, potentially changing your whole outlook on life.

And That’s Where Your Cincinnati Sleep Coach Comes In

Your Cincinnati sleep consultant provides both remote and in-home sleep consulting services to families all around the Cincinnati area from Reading to Delhi, White Oak to Newtown, and everywhere in between.

You are here because you are ready to teach your child to sleep independently. With our help, you will have your baby sleeping through the night and taking restorative naps during the day.

All of this without forcing your little one to cry-it-out!

Stop putting your baby, yourself, and your family through the stress of your current bedtime routine. Bring peace and care to your environment.

The little joys of motherhood can be missed when you haven’t been getting enough sleep. Regain the energy to create joyful memories and the mental clarity to appreciate them.

Working with our Cincinnati sleep training consultant means you will learn to help your child sleep independently now, as well as the knowledge necessary to keep your child sleeping well for years. You will not need to call anyone for sleep help ever again.



Cincinnati Sleep Training Program

You have a tribe of awesome moms who have helped you overcome so many obstacles. Working with our sleep consultant means you will be adding one more amazing mom to your tribe.

Our Cincinnati sleep trainer has taken her own experiences in motherhood, our 3-month long extensive training program, and regular evidence-based continuing education workshops to bring you the most knowledgeable and compassionate sleep professional Cincinnati has to offer!

We kickoff your comprehensive sleep plan with a consultation going over all factors influencing your baby’s sleep. We talk about your child’s personality, their eating habits, family dynamics, and so much more.

This consultation can be held remotely, but we also have in-home consultation options. With the in-home consultation, your sleep consultant will come right to your home to show you exactly how to implement your customized sleep plan.

The in-home options also include a comprehensive nursery evaluation. The goal of this evaluation is to ensure the most nurturing sleep environment possible for your child.

Change can always be a little bit scary. The first night that you implement your new sleep plan, we stay with you as long as you need us to in order to feel comfortable!

Options Available for In-Home or Virtual

  • Bedtime Support: Some parents opt for our Bedtime Support Package, where your sleep coach stay with you until your baby falls asleep, no matter how long it takes.
  • Full Night Support: You may prefer to have your sleep consultant available to you in your home all night to assist with every single night waking. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to handle each waking.
  • Half-Night Support: Our most popular in-home sleep consulting package is our Half-Night Support Package. Your sleep trainer stays with you until midnight, and leave you with all the tools you need to totally rock the rest of the night, and the rest of your program, of course!

You will not find care or customization like this in a Facebook group or self-help book. We leave no stone unturned and cover every detail.

Our success is thanks to the personalization that goes into making sure we understand your family’s exact needs.

Your Cincinnati sleep trainer walks you through…

  • Getting your child to sleep with gentle methods
  • Handling night wakings to encourage independent sleep
  • How your entire day affects your child’s sleep
  • Normal versus abnormal sleep habits
  • Everything you can expect while working with us
  • Understanding your child’s cries
  • Determining if something isn’t right
  • How to navigate your child’s sleep going forward after your little one graduates our sleep training program

How To Hire 

Your Cincinnati Sleep Training Consultant

Step 1: Book Your Free Discovery Call

We will get a snapshot of what’s going on with sleep right now, go over how your sleep training programs work, and leave plenty of time for you to ask questions as well.

Step 2: Choose the right plan for you and select you Consultation date.

Your sleep coach is available for in-home consultations Monday through Saturday evenings

Step 3: Fill out your detailed questionnaire

Your sleep consultant will use this to create your customized sleep training plan.

Cincinnati Sleep Consultant

This all may sound too good to be true. I mean, these sleep consultants haven’t met your difficult baby.

“Is there any sort of guarantee?”

We have a 100% success rate with parents who stick to the plan. Over 3,000 families have discovered the benefits of gentle sleep training with Live Love Sleep®.

Our unlimited support every step of the process means you will never feel alone or have to worry about whether you’re implementing the plan correctly.

And since we know you will love your Cincinnati sleep training consultant and will never want to let her go, we have follow-up support options for a little extra time with her if you really need it.

Any sleep problem, any child, any situation, we’ve got you covered!

Stop stressing, stop searching, and call us today. Better sleep is at your fingertips.

Book Your Discovery Call with Your Cincinnati Sleep Coach Today!

We do not share your information with third parties.

Meet Kaley Medina

Cincinnati Sleep Coach

About Your Cincinnati Sleep Consultant

Working with children just like yours has become the life calling of our Cincinnati sleep consultant. Her experience has given her a wealth of information and knowledge which she can’t wait to share with you!

There is no such thing as a child or family “too difficult” for Kaley. She has worked with children with special needs, multiple homes, and many more unique situations.

Kaley helps SAHMs as they navigate daily naps, working moms as they coach the daycare provider on naps, and every variation in between.

Sleep journeys come in many different styles and forms. We respect your individuality and consider all your needs.

Our Cincinnati sleep trainer brings passion, experience, and commitment to every family she serves.

Kaley Medina

Your Cincinnati sleep training consultant, Kaley is the mother of 2 amazing children and has over a decade of experience working with families to get their children sleeping well. She is passionate about making sure parents have the information they need to overcome the overwhelming feelings that can consume the postpartum years, including potty training.

She knows first hand how quickly our little bundles of joy can fall into cycles of poor sleep habits. Kaley founded Live Love Sleep out of a void in her postpartum journey to support and educate new families on the importance of sleep. She credits sleep as the foundation needed to be strong and healthy for her family.

Will Our Cincinnati Sleep Training Program Work for You?

There is no other child on this earth just like yours, so why would you settle for a sleep plan designed with another child in mind? We think that’s crazy too.

That’s why every sleep plan is designed to be as unique and individualized as the child it’s created for.

No one knows your child like you do, which is why we partner with you to create a sleep plan.

Don’t lose any more sleep over your baby’s lack of sleep!

Why Moms Are Raving

About Your Cincinnati Sleep Coach

From sleeping 30 minutes a night to being a well rested mama! Check out how Live Love Sleep’s customized approach worked for Jaime and her family.


Her husband did not want to cry it out, but they needed a solution that would be customized to them and their needs. Hear how Live Love Sleep® provided that solution and so much more!

– Kim

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