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Fort Worth Sleep Training – 

In-Home & Remote Baby & Toddler Sleep Consulting

We help Fort Worth parents go from sleep deprived to well rested with gentle pediatric sleep training methods.

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Fort Worth Sleep Training –

In-home & Remote

Pediatric Sleep Consulting

We help sleep deprived Fort Worth parents become well rested with gentle pediatric sleep training methods

Discover Our Fort Worth Sleep Training

Your child is the light of your life. You want to give them the best this world has to offer. But you had no idea it would be this difficult to get them to sleep

The endless bouncing and rocking leaves you exhausted at bedtime. And you feel like crying when you have to do it all over again after they wake up all too soon after going down.   

You are at your wits end and worried that your last resort is to let your little one cry themselves to sleep. It’s heartbreaking to consider. 

Don’t worry…this is not our sleep training philosophy.

Our gentle sleep training methods are designed by moms like you,  who wanted to be with their child as they learned how to fall asleep independently, and not just push them into the deep end. 

It’s not cry-it-out.

You will have the option to stay at your child’s side as they transition to falling asleep on their own. You will continue to nurture them and bond with them throughout the sleep training process. 

After you child graduates from our Fort Worth sleep training program, you will be able to give them hugs and kisses, lay them down awake, and walk out of the room…all with no tears! And they will be asleep in no time. 

Does this sound too good to be true?

Your Fort Worth sleep consultant has helped over 3,000 families and have successfully had children sleeping through the night in as little as 3 nights!

Don’t be concerned that your child is too difficult or too set in their ways. Your Fort Worth sleep trainer has helped babies with special health conditions, children who have developed poor sleeping habits, and much more. 

Age is not an obstacle for us either. In fact, your Fort Worth sleep coach serves families with newborns to children up to 8 years old.

Your Fort Worth sleep consultant has got you covered, mama!

How Can Your

Fort Worth Sleep Consultant Help?

Here’s How Your Fort Worth Sleep Trainer Can Help

You’d promised yourself you would not become a “zombie” mom, but here you are, forgetting important dates, crying at dish soap commercials, and just not feeling like yourself.

You need more sleep! No one can be expected to take care of all the things you need to do without getting proper sleep. Sleep is necessary for your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Your sweet baby needs sleep. No child can grow and learn effectively if they are too tired to perform their daily tasks. Sleep is a vital part of their development.

We can help!

Your Fort Worth sleep coach provides both virtual and in-home sleep consulting services to families all around the Fort Worth area from Southlake to Flower Mound, Keller to Colleyville, and everywhere in between, we offer in-home consultations through the entire Fort Worth area.

Your whole family will benefit from improved sleep after using our gentle sleep-training methods.

Our Fort Worth sleep coach works with you to ensure they have all the information necessary to craft the perfect sleep training plan for your child. You will be able to teach them how to take restful naps during the day and get long, restorative sleep at night.

Your Forth Worth sleep trainer also teaches you everything you need to know about how your child’s sleep works so you will be able to keep them sleeping well.

You won’t have to worry about seeking sleep help ever again!

Don’t waste one more night worrying about lost sleep for you or your baby.



What Our Fort Worth Sleep Training Packages Include:

All our sleep consultants are mothers who have been where you’re at. They have spent tearful nights trying desperately to help their little one get to sleep and stay asleep.

They have all discovered the beautiful benefits of teaching their children to sleep independently and they are passionate about sharing that information with families just like yours.

Our Fort Worth sleep trainer has taken their own experiences in motherhood, our 3-month long extensive training program, and regular evidence-based continuing education workshops to bring you the most knowledgeable and compassionate team of Fort Worth sleep training professionals the city has to offer!

Every Forth Worth sleep training plan begins with a personalized consultation where we take the time to unpack all the factors influencing your child’s sleep. We cover your child’s nutritional needs,  growth milestones, unique factors, and so much more.

We offer virtual and in-home Forth Worth sleep training consultations to fit your needs and comfort level.

In addition to the customized sleep training plan, our in-home option includes a nursery evaluation. This evaluation is an opportunity for your Fort Worth sleep coach to give you insight into ways to ensure your nursery is the perfect sleep environment for your child.

During your first night of implementing your new sleep plan, your sleep trainer stays with you for as long as you need.

Virtual & In-Home Pediatric Sleep Coaching

  • Bedtime Support: Some parents opt for our Bedtime Support Package, where your sleep coach stays with you until your child falls asleep, no matter how long it takes.
  • Full Night Support: You may prefer to have your Fort Worth sleep consultant available to you in your home all night to assist with every single night waking. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to handle each waking.
  • Half-Night Support: Our most popular in-home sleep consulting package is our Half-Night Support Package. Your sleep coach stays with you until midnight, and leaves you with all the tools you need to totally rock the rest of the night, and the rest of your program, of course!

No book, blog, or Facebook group can get to the root cause of your child’s sleep obstacles because they cannot get to know you on a personal level.

Your Fort Worth sleep consultant walks you through…

  • Exactly what methods to use at bedtime and nap time
  • Midnight wakings and how to handle them
  • A full 24-hour schedule so you know exactly what to do all day and night
  • Normal baby sleep cycles and what they mean
  • A comprehensive list of everything that may come up during the sleep training program
  • Knowing the difference between protesting and suffering
  • How to tell if something is not what we expect to see during the sleep training program
  • How to navigate your child’s sleep after they graduate from our sleep training program

How To Hire 

Your Fort Worth Sleep Consultant

Step 1: Book Your Free Discovery Call

We will get a snapshot of what’s going on with sleep right now, go over how our Fort Worth sleep training programs work, and leave plenty of time for you to ask questions as well.

Step 2: Choose the right plan for you and select you Consultation date.

Your Fort Worth sleep trainer is available for in-home consultations Monday through Saturday evenings

Step 3: Fill out your detailed questionnaire

Your Fort Worth sleep consultant will use this to create your customized sleep plan.

Fort Worth Sleep Coach Offering Virtual & In-Home Services

You know you and your child need better sleep, but you are thinking, “How can I be sure this gentle sleep training method will work for my child? Is there any guarantee?”

We have 100% success with parents who stick to the plan. Over 3,000 families have discovered the benefits of gentle sleep training with Live Love Sleep®.

You will be successful because we take extra care to ensure your success! Your  sleep trainer offer continuous support through every step of your selected program and can even tweak the plan as we go if your child isn’t responding how we’d expect.

“What if I need a little extra time or assistance from my sleep consultant?”

 We have follow-up support options after your program ends so that you are never left on your own too soon or in the dark on anything. Your success is a top priority.

Stop searching, start sleeping! Call us today so we can get started on your custom sleep training plan.

Book Your Discovery Call with us Today!

We do not share your information with third parties.

Meet Kaley, Katie and Jaime

Fort Worth Sleep Consultants

About Your Fort Worth Sleep Training Team

Our sleep coaches here in Fort Worth have years of experience working with babies and children just like yours. Their knowledge and experience will help guide you through this journey to better sleep!

We’ve worked with countless families — families with special needs, varied work schedules, and even those with split parenting time between two homes. We look for the details that make your family unique to ensure your sleep training plan is perfect for you!

Your Forth Worth sleep consultant takes the time and energy to craft a sleep plan to fit your exact needs, today. We consider daily schedules, siblings, custody agreements, and so much more.

Kaley Medina, Founder of Live Love Sleep®

Kaley Medina is the owner and founder of Fort Worth sleep training program, Live Love Sleep®. In fact, she was voted the best Sleep Consultant in Fort Worth, Collins, North Texas and Dallas counties 2 years in a row! She is the proud mama of two little cuties, Evalyn and Leo. Kaley tried everything she could think of to help her daughter Evalyn fall asleep and stay asleep. She bounced on yoga balls, vacuumed with Evalyn, and many other techniques I’m sure you’ve tried. But none of them worked; leaving Kaley unable to enjoy her time with Evalyn or her husband Zeke.

Kaley researched gentle sleep training methods and found a program to try. The program was perfect for Kaley because it was a gentle method, and didn’t involve “crying-it-out”. After the first night of training, Evalyn slept all the way through the night! Their lives were changed forever.

“My passion became helping parents teach their little ones how to get more sleep due to the incredible success I saw from sleep training my daughter. As a result, I became a Certified Sleep Consultant and founded Live Love Sleep® to help moms like me (and their children!) get the sleep they need and deserve.”

Jaime Drummond

Fort Worth sleep coach Jaime Drummond and her husband Jimmy have three beautiful children, Teo Life, Amélie Amor, and they are watched over by their oldest angel baby, Maebel Lily. Jaime has worked as a counselor in Juvenile Justice Services and a Child Family Specialist in Residential Treatment and foster homes. She is now a pediatric Fort Worth sleep consultant and a life consultant/coach with an emphasis on EASE. She values supporting people in doing the hard parts of life with as much ease as possible.

The grief of losing Mae had a ripple effect into the methods Jaime used to sleep-train Teo. Jaime was eager to run to him when he cried, but eventually realized her actions were more about the comfort she needed and less what Teo needed. This realization led her to Google — “Can I die from sleep deprivation?” Sound familiar?

“I truly feel that teaching Teo to sleep was what actually saved us all. Sleep training for our family was the ultimate investment and implementation of ease. And it sure makes the rest of our lives more functional and joyful. I love being that support for others! I look forward to supporting you to have peace and rest back in your life — to feel like a real person again. All in a customized way built just for you and your family. Because our babies aren’t templates.”

Better sleep will change your life; don’t wait any longer!

Why Moms Are Raving

About Our Fort Worth Sleep Coaches

From being exhausted and never seeing her spouse, her baby was waking up every 45 minutes to be nursed. Check out how Live Love Sleep® helped Shannon get back normalcy.


Her husband did not want to cry it out, but they needed a solution that would be customized to them and their needs. Hear how Live Love Sleep® provided that solution and so much more!

– Kim

Our Fort Worth Sleep Training Services

It’s time to feel rested! Check out our Customized Remote & In-Home Fort Worth Sleep Training Services. Pick the the best Plan based on your child’s age.

Newborn Sleep Plans

Ages 0 – 3 months

Baby Sleep Plans

Ages 3 – 21 months

Toddler Sleep Plans

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