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Fresno Sleep Training –

In-Home & Remote Pediatric Sleep Consulting

I help new Fresno parents go from hopeless and exhausted to rested with my sleep training methods.

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Fresno Sleep Training –

In-Home & Remote

Pediatric Sleep Coach

I help new Fresno parents go from hopeless and exhausted to rested with my sleep-training methods.

Fresno Sleep Coach

You do everything to give your child the best life possible — better than you had. You worry about your child’s development, health, wellness, and emotional wellbeing, along with so much more. You’ve tried everything to improve their sleep, but you can’t seem to figure it out.

You may be feeling scared that the only option left is to let them cry it out  — which is the last thing you want to do.

You’ve found the perfect sleep solution. I don’t believe in letting babies cry it out either.

My gentle sleep coaching methods are crafted to have you stay in the room with your baby as they learn to fall asleep all by themselves.

This approach is different from cry-it-out.

You’re able to continue providing your child with the love and connection you both need.

After a full day, you’re beyond tired. The last thing you want to do is wrestle to get your child’s diaper and jammies on, finally get them to sleep, only to have then wake up shortly thereafter needing you com come rock or feed them again.

You want a bedtime routine without stress (for everyone). This peaceful, sweet bedtime is absolutely possible for you!

We’ve worked with over 3,000 families and successfully had children sleeping through the night in as little as 3 nights!

You’ll find success with my gentle sleep training method regardless of what “bad habits” your child may have picked up in their short little life. You will become a confident and more understanding parent as you learn the skills needed to help your little one conquer sleep once and for all. 

Maybe you haven’t slept more than 20 minutes since you got home from the hospital. I can help!

Maybe your “baby” is in 2nd grade and still not sleeping well! I can help you, too! 

I use our gentle methods with children up to 8 years old.

How Can Your

Fresno Sleep Consultant Help?

Here’s How Your Fresno Sleep Trainer Can Help

Being addicted to coffee and sugar is not a motherhood requirement  to survive, promise. 

And your child may seem like the happiest baby despite their lack of sleep, but could they be more confident, more daring, or even more happy with improved sleep? The answer is yes.

You need better sleep. Almost every ailment a human can have will improve with better sleep. I’m talking weight loss, stress, chronic pain, and more. 

Your baby needs better sleep, too. Your baby is relying on quality sleep for optimal development, growth, and immune regulation.

Sleep is not just a luxury. It’s a human need, plus it’s a form of self-care. Just imagine yourself after eight full hours of sleep! You could probably conquer anything you put your mind to!

Thankfully, you’ve found Live Love Sleep®. 

Your Fresno sleep consultant provides options for remote or in-home sleep consulting to families all around the Fresno area from Clovis to Hanford, Selma to Visalia, and everywhere in between.

You are more than ready to teach your child to fall asleep independently. With my help, you will have your baby sleeping through the night plus taking great naps during the day.

And nope — there is no cry-it-out involved!

End the stressful bedtime and night waking routine once and for all. End your days with a peaceful, loving environment.

Being under the fog of no sleep will have you missing out on the little joys of motherhood. With your newfound energy and mental clarity, you’ll have all you need to create joyful memories and remember them for years to come.

Once you’ve completed my gentle sleep training program, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to keep your child sleeping well for good. You won’t need to call anyone for sleep help ever again.



Fresno Sleep Training Program

Hopefully you’ve been able to create your own little “village” in helping to raise your little one. Your Fresno sleep coach is the perfect addition to that village to ensure healthy sleep for your whole family.

As your Fresno sleep trainer, I’ve taken my own experiences in motherhood, my extensive training program, and regular evidence-based continuing education workshops to bring you the most knowledgeable and compassionate sleep professional Fresno has to offer!

We begin your comprehensive sleep program with a consultation to go over every factor influencing your child’s sleep. We talk about your child’s personality, their eating habits, the family dynamics, and much more. 

This consultation can be held remotely, but I also have in-home options. With the in-home consultation, your Fresno sleep consultant will come to your home and show you exactly how to implement your customized sleep plan.

The in-home Fresno sleep training options also include a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s. The goal of this evaluation is to ensure the most nurturing sleep environment possible.

Change is usually a little bit scary. For in-home consults, I stay with you as long as you need us to in order to feel comfortable on our first night implementing your new sleep plan.

Virtual & In-Home Fresno Sleep Coaching Options

  • Bedtime Support: Some parents opt for my Bedtime Support Package, where I’m there from dinner time until your child falls asleep. 
  • Full Night Support: Many parents like us there all night to assist with each and every night waking. You’ll know exactly what to do every time your baby wakes up.
  • Half-Night Support: My most popular in-home Fresno sleep training package is the Half-Night Support Package. As your sleep consultant, I stay with you until midnight, and provide you with all the tools you need to continue implementing your plan!

You will not find this level of care or personalized advice like this in a Facebook group or self-help book. I leave no stone unturned and cover every detail about sleep in a 24-hour day. 

I credit my success to the depth of customization that goes into making your plan fit your family’s exact needs. 

As your Fresno Sleep Coach, I walk you through…

  • Getting your child to fall asleep independently with gentle methods
  • Handling night wakings to encourage independent sleep
  • How your schedule, food, and, interaction affects your child’s sleep
  • Recognizing abnormal sleep habits
  • What to expect while working with us
  • Understanding your child’s different levels of crying
  • Determining if something isn’t right


How To Hire 

Your Fresno Sleep Consultant

Step 1: Book Your Free Discovery Call

Your Fresno sleep trainer will get a snapshot of what’s going on with sleep right now, go over how your sleep training programs work, and leave plenty of time for you to ask questions as well.

Step 2: Choose the right plan for you and select you Consultation date.

Your Fresno sleep coach is available for in-home consultations Monday through Saturday evenings

Step 3: Fill out your detailed questionnaire

Your Fresno sleep consultant will use this to create your customized sleep training plan.

Fresno Sleep Consultant

This all may sound too good to be true. I mean, I haven’t met your difficult baby yet.

“Is there any guarantee this works?”

As your Fresno sleep trainer, I have a 100% success rate with parents who stick to the plan. Over 3,000 families have discovered the benefits of gentle sleep training with Live Love Sleep®.

With unlimited support at every step of the process, you will never feel alone or have to worry about whether you’re doing something wrong.

And since I know you will love working with me and may feel like you might not ever want to let me go, I have follow-up support options for a little extra time with me if you feel you need it.

Virtually any sleep problem, child, or situation, we’ve got you covered!

Stop stressing, stop scouring Google, and give us a call today. Better sleep is just around the corner!

Book Your Discovery Call with Your Fresno Sleep Coach Today!

We do not share your information with third parties.

Meet Kaley Medina

Fresno Sleep Coach

About Your Fresno Sleep Consultant

Your sleep consultant draws on her experiences both personally and professionally to bring you the best, most holistic approach to gentle sleep training. No baby is too difficult for me to coach on this sleep journey.

We have families with diverse backgrounds and compositions, so we love getting to know how your family functions and nurtures one another. Your sleep coach works with you to make the absolute best plan for your current life circumstances.

As your sleep trainer, I consider important variables like parental work schedules, sibling school conditions, and even two-parent homes.

Kaley Medina

Kaley Medina is the owner and founder of Live Love Sleep®. She is the proud mama of two little cuties, Evalyn and Leo. Kaley tried everything she could think of to help her daughter Evalyn fall asleep and stay asleep. She bounced on a yoga ball, placed Evalyn in the baby carrier while vacuuming, and many other techniques I’m sure you’ve tried. But none of them worked; leaving Kaley unable to enjoy her time with Evalyn or her husband Zeke.

Kaley researched gentle sleep training methods and found a program to try. The program was perfect for Kaley because it was a gentle method, and didn’t involve “crying-it-out”. After the first night of training, Evalyn slept all the way through the night! Their lives were changed forever.

“My passion became helping parents teach their little ones how to get more sleep due to the incredible success I saw from sleep training my daughter. As a result, I became a Certified Sleep Consultant and founded Live Love Sleep® to help moms like me (and their children!) get the sleep they need and deserve.”

Kaley has had the joy of growing the Live Love Sleep® team to cover cities all across the United States! She personally works with families in Fresno to bring the gift of sleep right to your doorstep.

Why Moms Are Raving

About Your Fresno Sleep Coach

After the 14 month mark, we knew we needed help.


Her husband did not want to cry it out, but they needed a solution that would be customized to them and their needs. Hear how Live Love Sleep® provided that solution and so much more!

– Kim

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