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Midland Sleep Training –

In-Home & Virtual Pediatric Sleep Consulting

I help transform the lives of new Midland parents struggling to get their child to sleep, using gentle sleep training methods

Live Love


Midland Sleep Training –

In-home & Virtual Pediatric

Sleep Consulting

I help transform the lives of new Midland parents struggling to get their child to sleep, using gentle sleep training methods.

Midland Sleep Consultant

You are in the trenches feeding, cleaning, and doing all the things your life demands of you. And you have mastered many areas of your life, but for some reason you cannot figure out how to get your child to fall asleep and stay asleep.

You have heard horror stories about letting your child cry themselves to sleep and you are praying it doesn’t come to that. 

Don’t worry, cry-it-out is not in my vocabulary.  

My gentle sleep training methods are specifically designed to keep you in the room with your child, offering them support, as they learn how to fall asleep independently. 

It is not cry-it-out.

This process allows you to continue to develop bonds of attachment with your child as you teach them how to fall asleep independently.  

Can you picture it? The sweet simplicity of laying your child down wide awake in their crib or bed, then walking out of the room with the confidence of knowing that they will be asleep within minutes. All with no crying! 

Sound too good to be true? This can be reality just a few weeks from now.

We’ve worked with over 3,000 families and have successfully had children and babies sleeping through the night in as little as 3 nights!

We have helped babies who have been accustomed to being rocked to sleep (you set them down soooooo carefully, right?), children who have been co-sleeping, and even children who have managed health conditions affecting their sleep.   

Your Midland sleep trainer has got you covered, Mama. No baby or child is too difficult.

And your child’s age isn’t an obstacle to me either.  As your Midland sleep coach, I actually work with newborns to kiddos up to 8 years old


How Can Your

Midland Sleep Coach Help?

Here’s How Your Midland Sleep Consultant Can Help

Watch firsthand as improved sleep transforms your whole household. Don’t forget to put on deodorant or sign that permission slip just because you were too exhausted.

You and your child need more sleep. And you both deserve more sleep. All it takes is having the tools necessary to teach your baby to sleep independently.

You also know that sleep is an important part of self-care, stress management, and improved health and wellness.

When was the last time you got a full 8 hours of sleep? What could you accomplish if you woke up feeling rested and refreshed instead of worn-down and defeated?

That’s where we come in. Your Midland sleep trainer knows if your baby is not sleeping well, neither are you.

Your Midland sleep consultant provides both online and in-home sleep consulting services to families all around the Midland area from Monahans to Big Spring, Odessa to Andrews, and everywhere in between.

You’re ready to teach your child to sleep independently and we will be there every step of the way. Just a few weeks from now, your child will be taking restful naps during the day and getting restorative sleep at night. With no cry-it-out!

In addition to training your child to sleep well now, we will also give you the tools needed to make sure that they are sleeping well for years to come.

Don’t waste another anxious, tearful night praying for rest. Finally give your baby (and yourself!) the gift of sleep.

Motherhood is full of highs and lows. Let’s eliminate a low so you have more energy to enjoy the highs.

You know all about your baby’s needs, habits, and personality. Your Midland sleep trainer knows all about sleep. Together we will make the perfect team!



Midland Sleep Training Program

You already have a trusted group of moms who you turn to for wisdom and advice. As your Midland sleep consultant, I am former sleep deprived mother myself! And I know exactly what you’re going through.

As you Midland sleep trainer, I have taken my own experiences in motherhood, our 3-month long extensive training program, and regular evidence-based continuing education workshops to bring you the most knowledgeable and compassionate Midland sleep training professional West Texas has to offer!

Every personalized sleep consultation begins with a review of the factors affecting your child’s sleep. We cover nutrition, daily routines, developmental milestones, and more!

You can pick from an online consultation or choose from one of our in-home options. Our in-home options give you the opportunity to have our Midland sleep coach come right to your home where she provides you with exactly the right recommendations for you and your child.

My in-home Midland sleep training consultations allow you to see first-hand how to implement your custom sleep training plan. Your Midland sleep coach will also perform an evaluation of the nursery to help ensure you have the most nurturing sleep environment possible.

You pick the plan that fits you and your Midland sleep consultant stays with you as long as you need on that first night.

Remote & In-Home Pediatric Sleep Coaching Options

  • Bedtime Support: Some parents opt for our Bedtime Support Package, where your Midland sleep coach stay with you until your baby falls asleep, no matter how long it takes.
  • Full Night Support: You may prefer to have your Midland sleep consultant available to you in your home all night to assist with every single night waking. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to handle each waking.
  • Half-Night Support: Our most popular in-home sleep consulting package is our Half-Night Support Package. Your Midland sleep trainer stays with you until midnight, and leave you with all the tools you need to totally rock the rest of the night, and the rest of your program, of course!

You found me because you already know that you cannot find the answers to your sleep problems on a blog or in a book. My gentle sleep training methods are personalized and crafted just for you.

Your Midland sleep trainer walks you through…

  • Exact methods to get your baby to sleep at bed and nap times
  • How to handle middle-of-the-night wakings
  • A 24-hour schedule so you know exactly what to do through the day and night
  • What to expect with normal baby sleep
  • A detailed list of everything to expect during the program
  • How to know the difference between protesting and suffering
  • Determining if something is not quite right
  • How to navigate your child’s sleep going forward after your little one graduates our Midland sleep training program

How To Hire 

Your Midland Sleep Training Consultant

Step 1: Book Your Free Discovery Call

We will get a snapshot of what’s going on with sleep right now, go over how your Midland sleep training programs work, and leave plenty of time for you to ask questions as well.

Step 2: Choose the right plan for you and select you Consultation date.

Your Midland sleep coach is available for in-home consultations Monday through Saturday evenings

Step 3: Fill out your detailed questionnaire

Your Midland sleep consultant will use this to create your customized sleep training plan.

Midland Sleep Consultant

“What about a guarantee that this will work for my baby?”

As your Midland sleep trainer, I have a 100% success rate with parents who follow their personalized sleep training plans. Over 3,000 families have discovered the benefits of gentle sleep training with Live Love Sleep®.

You don’t have to worry about figuring out how to get your child to sleep on your own because I offer you unlimited support every step of the way.

“What if I need a little extra help even after we implement our sleep training plan?”

Your Midland sleep coach has follow-up support options! So no need to worry that you are left on your own before you are ready.

Take a deep breath, stop worrying, and get ready to feel rested. My Midland sleep training program has you covered!

Book Your Discovery Call with Your Midland Sleep Coach Today!

We do not share your information with third parties.

Meet Katie Boothby

Midland Sleep Coach

About Your Midland Sleep Consultant

Your Midland sleep consultant draws on her experiences both personally and professionally to bring you the best, most holistic approach to gentle sleep training. No baby is too difficult to coach on this sleep journey.

Katie has helped families with diverse backgrounds and compositions, she loves getting to know how your family functions and nurtures one another. As your Midland sleep coach, she will work with you to make the absolute best plan for your current life circumstances.

Katie considers important variables like parental work schedules, sibling school conditions, and even two-parent homes.

Katie Boothby

Your Midland sleep trainer, Katie Boothby is mama to baby Wyatt and has a background in early elementary education. She enjoyed making a difference in the lives of her students and working with their parents to create the best environment for them to thrive in.

The opportunity to work with you as a sleep consultant in teaching your child how to sleep through the night allows Katie to continue the passionate work she has done as a school teacher.

She understands how difficult it is to be a sleep deprived parent and worked with Live Love Sleep® herself to get Wyatt sleeping well. Within 3 nights, Wyatt was falling asleep independently in under 20 minutes with minimal crying and he was sleeping through the night! Katie knows first hand how it feels to get her life back and be able to spend quality time with her husband again.

Your family will feel rested again. Know that sleeping after a baby is 100% possible and she can’t wait to help your family sleep well!

Why Moms Are Raving

About Your Midland Sleep Consultant

From sleeping 30 minutes a night to being a well rested mama! Check out how Live Love Sleep’s customized approach worked for Jaime and her family.


Her husband did not want to cry it out, but they needed a solution that would be customized to them and their needs. Hear how Live Love Sleep® provided that solution and so much more!

– Kim

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