Newborn Sleep Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Live Love Sleep to support you on your child’s sleep journey. To help your sleep consultant create the best plan that will work for your family, please set aside 15-20 minutes to complete the Preliminary Sleep Questionnaire below based on your child’s age.  

Preliminary Newborn Sleep Questionnaire

I’d like to ask you to take a 15-20 minutes to answer some questions about your little ones’ sleep habits, which will allow me to learn more about their current struggles and specifically what I can do to support you on your journey to sleep.

Where does your newborn sleep?*
Does your newborn use any of the following with regards to sleep?*
Does your newborn rely on any of the following to fall asleep?*
How do you dress your newborn to sleep?*
What is/are the most difficult issue(s) around your newborn's sleep? *
Is your newborn under the care of a nanny or daycare?*
If doing a virtual consultation, which format would you prefer?*
How did you hear about Live Love Sleep for your newborn?*

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