Here’s why moms across the lone star state & around the world are raving about our pediatric sleep consultants!

Alexandria C – Irving, TX

“I have nothing but great things to say regarding my experience with Kaley. She is kind and patient. She guided myself and husband every step of the way. She offered reassurance and confidence throughout the process. She provided us a very detailed set of instructions to follow. She was quick to respond to emails answering any questions we had. My daughter who is 7 months was not sleeping through the night or napping well during the day. After Kaley’s support she was sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) in 2 days and napping more productively during the day!

She is a great resource and I highly recommend her services!”

– Mom of a 7-month-old in Irving, Texas

Jennifer S – Westlake, tx

“Kaley is wonderful! She is so patient and kind and exactly the type of support I needed during the tough transition of having my baby sleeping on me most of the night to sleeping independently in her own crib in her own room. It was emotional for both mom and baby and I couldn’t ask for anything more. She really put me at ease. I went from getting 4 hours of sleep a night to my full eight! And now I also have part of my days back as Kaley helped me to get baby taking 2 hour naps as opposed to 30 minutes. Additionally, Kaley answered a zillion questions throughout the entire process even after she left our home. I always felt supported. I can’t recommend Live Love Sleep enough. It’s worth every penny!”

– Mom of a 4-month-old Westlake, Texas

Andrea S – Pearland, TX

“Kaley was great to work with! We reached out for help when our son was 3.5 months old. He was waking every hour and needed to be rocked back to sleep. Kaley gave us a detailed, easy to follow plan and guided us through every step of the way. Our son began sleeping through the night on night three and his naps began lengthening two weeks later. Kaley promptly answered all of my questions via email as we went through this journey.”

– Mom of a 3-month-old, Pearland, Texas

Tessa T – West University, TX

“Kaley was absolutely wonderful to work with! Our 18 month old had been waking up every night for about two months when we first contacted Kaley because we were all completely exhausted. She was able to give us great tips on how to change our son’s nursery to maximize his sleep and also a step by step plan on how to get him sleeping through the night. So far he has been doing great for the last month and we’re all so much better rested! It was a pleasure to work with Kaley as well- she was always very responsive to text and email whenever I had a question come up. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with sleep issues with their little ones!”

– Mom of an 18-month-old, West University, Texas

Tiffany D – Cypress, TX

“Kaley is like a magical unicorn. I had the world’s most stubborn 3 year old and basically hadn’t slept in 3 years. I met Kaley and she came up with a sleep plan for me that was easy to implement and so effective I was shocked. My son went from staying up until crazy hours and sleeping in (along with a LOT of night wakings) to going to bed on his own, in his own room, all night within 9 days. My husband and I finally have some quiet time at night and best of all we finally have sleep! I recommend Kaley to all of my friends with sleep struggles.”

– Mom of a 3-year-old, Cypress, Texas

Lidia S – Fort Worth, TX

“We used Kaley to sleep train our 22 month old daughter, and she was great! My daughter had terrible sleep habits from the day she was born, and Kaley helped us with a plan that was gentle enough for everyone, and offered great support along the way. It was so nice being able to consult a professional and have clear instruction on what to do when issues/situations came about that we were unsure on how to handle. Would highly recommend Kaley at Live Love Sleep!”

– Mom of a 22-month-old, Fort Worth, Texas

Thu N – Oklahoma City, Ok

“We reached out to Kaley when our 6 month old was still waking up about 4-5 times a night. I was adamantly against the day it out and were reassured when Kaley said that she would create a sleep plan for our parenting style. It worked so quickly. By the end of the first week, my son was sleeping through the night. Thank you so much for changing our lives!”

– Mom of a 6-month-old in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sharmin K – Terrell Hills, TX

“Kaley’s advice is worth every penny! As a first time mom, I read all the books, blog, etc. but it wasn’t until Kaley made a unique plan for my son that I was able to execute it (with lots of help from Kaley). Now my son sleeps the magic 14hrs a day compared to the 12 hrs he was previously sleeping! Each baby is different and has different needs which Kaley was able to tailor her approach for! Thanks so much! You’ve changed my family’s life for the better!”

– Mom of a 13-month-old, Terrell Hills, Texas

Lisa J – Arlington, TX

“After months of lost sleep and reading conflicting advice about baby sleep in books and online, I turned to Kaley for help with my son’s sleep issues. Kaley gave us a clear step-by-step plan for him, and I am amazed at the progress he has made. It was not always an easy process, but Kaley was there to answer all of our questions, offer support, and let us know exactly what to expect.”

– Mom of a 7-month-old, Arlington, Texas

Kim L – College Station, TX

“Kaley is an absolute miracle worker!! My 10 month old son had a plethora of sleeping issues: would not nap, would not sleep in his crib, woke up 3 times at night to breastfeed, etc. Kaley came to my rescue and was able to correct my son’s sleeping issues within 1 week!! I could not be happier! I was worried about the whole process, but Kaley is a true professional and I felt like she was there holding my hand all the way to the finish line. She has changed my family’s life for the better! I can not recommend Kaley enough! She truly is an angel! If you are reading this, call her now! You will not regret it.”

– Mom of a 10-month-old, Bryan College Station, Texas

Jill R – Katy, TX

“Live Love Sleep is Awesome! Kaley helped us sleep train our son in a gentle way that was effective for us and him. We were happy that we could accomplish this without having him Cry It Out! We trusted Kaley 100% and it was the best decision we have ever made for him (and us)! We highly recommend you and will use the program on our 2nd child.”

– Mom of a 15-month-old, Katy, Texas

Becca P – Tyler, TX

“Kaley is a sanity-saver! Before contacting her my son never took consistent naps and woke up at every 3 hours at night. Kaley listened to all my concerns and worked with us to truly make a plan that fit for us. She developed a plan that allowed us to keep one night feeding and as my son has grown he has naturally started to drop that night feeding on his own. I was very anxious about the unknown of the first couple nights but Kaley was right there to answer any questions I had. Having her support throughout the process helped me feel confident about sticking with the program and I’m very glad I did!”

– Mom of a 4-month-old, Tyler, Texas

Janice W – Lewisville, TX

“Kaley came in to our home to help us with our two young children in a time of great despair. We had not had a peaceful sleep since our children were born 3 years ago. Within 2 nights both our young boys were sleeping peacefully. We are very grateful to Kaley for her expertise and caring nature. Thank you Kaley!”

– Mom of twin 3-year-olds, Lewisville, Texas

Ezequiel M – Coppell, TX

“It took me until my daughter was 9 months to finally sleep train her and it was a world of a difference! When my son was born, I wasted no time. As soon as the doctor told me my son was healthy enough to sleep through the night, Kaley was there again! My son was trained at 4 months and it has been an eye opening experience! My kids are rested, healthier and just happy! Teaching my children healthy sleep habits was one of the most important things they can learn.”

– Dad of a 9-month-old, Coppell, Texas

Christine G – Colleyville, TX

“I’m so happy we decided to work with Kaley to fix our sons sleep. He was waking up several times a night which made it really difficult not to have the energy to get through the day. I’m not going to lie…the first few nights were challenging but Kaley was there to guide us through it and was super supportive. She came out to our house on the first night and stayed with us while we implemented his sleep plan. It was really nice to have her there to walk us through exactly what to do. I had read sleep books before hiring Kaley but couldn’t get those to work. My son was sleeping better within just 2 nights and was sleeping all the way through thru night within the first week. I couldn’t be happier with the results. It was worth every penny and I’m so thankful for her help teaching him how to sleep well! If you’re a sleep deprived parent like we were, I really encourage you to reach out to Kaley.”

– Mom of a 3-year-old, Colleyville, Texas

Jennifer C – Richardson, TX

“Kaley is awesome! Super easy to deal with and really knows her stuff! She had my three year old sleeping through the night without a nap during the day or using a pacifier (prior to Kaley, our daughter was napping, with a pacifier and wasn’t going to bed or sleeping through the night).

It’s made such a difference in our home. My husband and I sleep better, so we have more energy and my older daughter gets more attention because I’m rested. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep; it’s added so much value to our house!”

– Mom of a 3-year-old, Richardson, Texas

Reagan M – Fate, TX

“Kaley is great to work with. Super professional and her help so was much needed in our lives! She helped our second baby learn to sleep through the night as he was sooooo dependent on me nursing him to sleep. We would be up 3+ times a night and then we would have to be up for the day with our 2-year-old toddler at the time.

It’s definitely hard on us as parents to sleep train baby for the first couple nights but we are appreciative of Kaley’s help and guidance along the way. She was so helpful and understanding. Now our son sleeps like a champ and we love it! No regrets spending the money. It was a great investment for our sanity. Sleep deprivation is no joke!”

– Mom of a 4-month old, Fate, Texas

Karen V – Allen, TX

“Our experience with Kaley has been amazing! We started our sleep training 2 weeks ago as our 7 month old baby was waking up crying every 3 hours (or less) and would only calm down and go back to sleep after being nursed. My husband and I were exhausted and in desperate need of help so we decided to give her a call. We didn’t think anything would work with our little one, but amazingly we started seeing results after the second day. Our Leo is now able to go to sleep without being nursed, to take longer naps, to self-soothe and overall, he is a much happier baby as he is now well rested (and so are we). I highly recommend Kaley, our only regret was not having contacted her earlier.”

– Mom of a 7-month-old, Allen, Texas

Katie G – Sugar Land, TX 

“Kaley gave my husband and me back our sleep AND our sanity! I knew after 7 months of waking up anywhere from 3-10 times a night with our daughter in our room (and sometimes in our bed), something needed to change. With all of the information there is out there on sleep training I became super overwhelmed and even more stressed out. I didn’t want to choose the wrong method or to not have it be successful. My husband and I decided we needed someone to be our coach, tell us what to do, & cheer us on along the way…. enter Kaley. She truly worked her magic and by the 7th night, our 7.5mo old daughter was able to put herself to sleep and sleep through the night! We are going on 2 months now of her being in her own room and sleeping anywhere from 11.5-12 hours a night! Thank you so much Kaley for reminding us how important sleep is and for helping us get our nights and bed back!”

– Mom of a 7-month-old, Sugar Land, Texas

Jennifer R – Frisco, TX

“After 2 1/2 years of bad sleep and one long, long summer, I finally cracked. I needed to do something. I contacted Kaley, told her our situation, feeling sure she would tell us “all hope for sleep was lost.” Instead, she reassured me that sleep was possible and could be done in as little as 3 weeks. She gave us a step by step plan, called us every three days for support and encouragement, and sure enough after only 1 week, my son was sleeping in his bed and going to sleep without a fight. By the end of three weeks, he was sleeping through the night in his bed. I never thought this day would come and I am so grateful. I was asked if hiring a sleep consultant was worth it – yes. SO YES! I just wish I had hired her sooner. Thank you Kaley!”

– Mom of a 2-year-old, Frisco, Texas

Katie H – League City, TX

“What a journey! My husband and I were at a loss trying to get our son to sleep through the night. We were exhausted, frustrated, and completely discouraged, especially since our night nurse admitted that our boy was the most stubborn baby she had ever worked with! Our pediatrician referred us to Kaley and after our phone consultation, we finally started to hope. It was a very rough two weeks, on Jack and us. He took his time – almost the entire two weeks- but he finally got it! It’s been almost a month since we started this journey with Kaley and he is now consistently napping like a champ, sleeping peacefully and settling himself back to sleep with almost no assistance from us. Kaley was flexible with us when Jack was pushing back and not “getting it” and she was a great source of reassurance for me as we slugged through a longer than anticipated training. I confidently recommend her to anyone that is ready to reclaim their time and their sleep!”

– Mom of an 8-month-old, League City, Texas

Lauren S – University Park, TX

“Kaley was a LIFESAVER when it came to getting our daughter to sleep. Our little one would wake up at midnight and stay up for almost three hours every.single.night. I was at desperate to get some sleep and Kaley was our golden ticket. She gave us some advice and a schedule to follow and within two weeks those three hour night wakings went down drastically. I think I emailed her 5x a day with questions and she was so responsive and helpful with every single email. If you are in need of some sleep training look no further than Kaley- she is worth every penny.”

– Mom of a 19-month-old, University Park, TX

Ashlyn M – New Braunfels, TX

“Kaley made our entire household sleep again. Our little one slept in the bed since birth and after 12 months our family needed a change. I knew this would be a challenging task so I reached out to Kaley. From our initial phone call to emails, she was nothing but warm, professional and caring. Kaley created a very detailed sleep plan for our family. Kaley kept us accountable and answered any questions or concerns we had. Just after the first night our little one was sleeping peacefully in her crib! I couldn’t believe it! Our house is getting much more restful sleep (and naps)! My only regret is wishing I would have reached out to her sooner!”

– Mom of a 12-month-old, New Braunfels, Texas

Mindy K – Pflugerville, TX

“Thank you Kaley! Even though sleep training is for my son, it definitely was for me as well. This was very helpful for me being a preemie mommy. I think because he was in the NICU so long I hated him crying and I loved just holding him bc I missed unlimited holding time when he was first born. Your techniques helped me realize I was doing him a disservice by holding him constantly and Mommy “needed to let go”. The first few days were hard but as the first week went on, it got easier and JR slept better each night. Literally within 4 days he is now sleeping 6-8 hours a night and he’s such a happier baby for it. My husband, JR and I are sleeping better each night bc of you. Thank you so much!

– Mom of a 5-week-old, Pflugerville, TX

Ann-Marie C, Flower Mound, TX

“For ten months, our son woke up every 45 minutes- 2 hours at night and would only nap if we held him. We were exhausted. Having tried everything else without any luck, we called Kaley. She had our “terrible sleeper” sleeping through the night and napping in his crib in just two days. It’s been three weeks now, and we haven’t had to get up with our baby at night since we started. We put him in his crib awake, and he now puts himself to sleep at nap time and bedtime in under ten minutes. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact Kaley sooner!

Our baby is happier, healthier, and our entire family is FINALLY getting sleep!”

– Mom of a 10-month-old, Flower Mound, Texas

Adrienne F – Grapevine, TX

“We hired Kaley when my son was almost 16 months old. I was still breastfeeding and nursing him to sleep. He was waking up 4-6 times a night and every time he woke, I went in to nurse him. I was tired and needed something to change. Our experience with Kaley was great! She provided a detailed set of instructions to follow, which was extremely helpful. She came over and worked with my family for one full night. It was a tiring night, but for the first time in almost 16 months, I actually had help as my husband went in and was guided by Kaley as to what to do to help our son to get back to sleep on his own. It’s been 5 months now and my son’s sleep (and mine too!) is so much better and healthier. Hiring Kaley was the absolute best choice for my family.”

– Mom of a 15-month-old, Grapevine, TX

Gabbie B – Galveston, TX

“Kaley was simply amazing! She helped answer all and any questions I had when transitioning my girl down to one nap a day. She was kind, patient, and very informative! I’m truly grateful for her help!”

– Mom of a 14-month-old, Galveston, Texas

Chris M – West Lake Hills, TX

“Absolutely an amazing service. Done right from the comfort of our living room. I just always assumed my daughter would get up five times a night and I would get used to it eventually. Through the steps we were taught from Live Love Sleep, we are now close to batting 1000 on not waking up and having to play that horrible 3 am guessing game of “what does this kid want this time??!!” Thank you so much. Look forward to referring parents to you.”

– Dad of a 2-year-old, West Lake Hills, Texas

Dalia M – Spring, TX

“I was skeptical about sleep training at first, but Kaley did a great job at guiding me through the process. Having a baby that sleeps through the night in his own room was life changing! Thanks again!”

– Mom of a 11-month-old, Spring, Texas

CHristina M – Highland Park, TX

“Kaley helped us get our 6-month-old baby sleeping through the night in 4 nights!” Before the program, he was waking up multiple times at night and I was extremely exhausted. She is extremely professional and provided us with a step by step plan on how to get our baby to take longer naps and sleep soundly at night. Thank you Kaley!”

– Mom of a 6-month-old, Highland Park, Texas

Lori C – The Woodlands, TX

I highly recommend Kaley for your baby’s sleep needs! She helped my little guy learn how to fall asleep on his own at 7 weeks old! Having a set plan and guidance on what to do made all the difference. Before working with Kaley, falling asleep at night and for naps was a struggle for both mommy and daddy and baby! Now everyone knows what to expect and things are so much less stressful!”

– Mom of a 7-week-old, The Woodlands, TX

Nan d – melissa, TX

“KALEY IS AMAZING & WORTH EVERY PENNY! I had no idea how many little things I was doing wrong, which piled up to a big problem- sleepless baby, sleepless mama. My 7 month old would wake up SEVERAL times per night & took 30+ minutes of rocking (or sleeping on me) before going back to sleep & he’d still sometimes wake as I put him back in his crib. I was exhausted to the point of tears, worried about my baby’s sleep & my own health & it affected my ability to play with my son during awake time. Kaley listened to my issues & remotely developed a plan to help my little one get on track. She was so easy to talk to & I didn’t feel judged at all. She gave us a routine & within the first week, it was like a miracle! Now, bedtime is no big deal, my baby boy sleeps through the night, and most importantly- I get a good nights sleep so I can wake up rested & enjoy my time with my child.”

– Mom of a 7-month-old, Melissa, Texas

Jonathan V – Southlake, TX

“Kaley gave me a step by step customized plan for my toddler that was easy to follow. My son was sleeping better within a week. The best part of working with Kaley was the follow up support that she provided. She would check in with us on a weekly basis and provide tips as we moved forward. My wife is not as stressed with our son and she is definitely a lot more happier and so am I. I’d highly recommend working with Kaley, especially if you want your precious sleep back.”

– Dad of a 5-month-old, Southlake, TX

MIA p – north richland hills, TX

Our experience has been wonderful! Our now 9 month old son developed a fed-to-sleep and rocked-to-sleep association after starting daycare at 6 months, and being overtired, combined with night-wakes and early morning waking. Working with Kaley, we learned more about baby sleep and were able to teach him how to fall asleep himself, and now sleeps solidly all night! It’s become easier on the daycare persons, too, as they don’t need to rock him to sleep anymore. We now have the tools to adjust the day as-needed and had our first successful vacation with the new plan! Thank you, Kaley!”

– Mom of a 9-month-old, North Richland, Hills, TX

Erica F – Prosper, TX

“For almost five months, my son slept only on me. Sure, he’d sleep for an hour or two in the rock n play, but to get *real* sleep, we had to sleep together. And while this worked for us in the beginning, I knew I was creating bad sleep habits. Enter Kaley. I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t have the time to do the research on sleep training (with my first, we could nurse her to sleep and put her in the crib and she’d sleep, with a wakeup in the middle of the night), and I knew it was just too easy to fall into the habit of nursing my son to sleep so we could both sleep as much as possible. Kaley asked about my son’s habits and our lifestyle; she came up with a plan and explained it to us in detail. She held me accountable and made herself accessible for my questions. We’re still in our two-week training period, but my son has already slept through the night two nights in a row…something he hadn’t done before working with Kaley. The whole “take care of yourself so you can take care of the baby” thing is a lot easier when everyone is getting sleep. And Kaley will help you take care of it all!”

– Mom of a 4-month-old, Prosper, TX

Vanessa V – Corpus Christi, TX

“Kaley supported our family in more ways than I think she realizes. Just a few days into the program, our son started to show great improvement and consistent sleep patterns. This was a life saver for me! Our son started to get better rest and follow a familiar routine each day. One of the many things I love about Kaley is that she honored our voices as parents, and worked to find a solution that was best suited for our family. Because of Kaley’s guidance, everyone in our home is now sleeping through the night (mom and dad included), and we are all much happier and focused during the day. If I had to offer 1 piece of advice for anyone considering Kaley’s services, it would be to trust her process! It works!”

– Mom of a 12-month-old, Corpus Christi, TX

Skye M – Sydney, Australia

“I’m from Australia and I saw a comment from Kaley on a mum Facebook page and I contracted her from there. Id didn’t realise she was in America but that’s ok. It didn’t effect us at all.

Meeting Kaley was the best thing that’s happened to my son Wyatt and myself. We had a good chat about Wyatt, my husband and myself personality and I answered some questions about Wyatt and she made a plan for him. Within the first night he had stopped waking up every hour to only once or twice a night. I can tell you that was amazing more sleep for me. Now it’s been 13 days since I’ve started our sleep training and my little man is so much happier as he’s getting 12 hours of sleep a night. He will self sooth back to sleep if he wakes and we are both so much happier. Highly recommend Kaley. She is amazing. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all your help and support and encouragement. It means the world to us.”

– Mom of a 9-month-old, Sydney, Australia

Maggie B – Garland, TX

“If only I known sooner how great this sleep training program would be! My husband and I are first time parents. Our wonderful 8 month old daughter was still waking anywhere between 2-7 times a night. We read books, we tried transitioning her to her own room, and we tried too many sleep props (dock-a-tot, sleeping suits, vibrating mats) – all of them left our daughter and us struggling for sleep. Kaley helped us teach our daughter to self-soothe, lose her many sleep props, and eat more during the day. Within two weeks, our daughter was sleeping 11-12hours at night, taking 2 naps, and dropped night nursing. If you stick with it, follow her plan, it will be so worth it. Kaley supported us throughout the entire process. We absolutely are happy with our results!”

– Mom of an 8-month-old, Garland, TX

Jacqueline P – Conroe, TX

“Kaley helped our entire family get the much needed sleep we needed! Her plan and support were so helpful in transitioning our son to his crib and sleeping through the night. Thank you so much Kaley!”

– Mom of a 9-month old, Conroe, TX

Victoria D – Georgetown, TX

“Katy helped give me the confidence and encouragement I needed to set my little one up for good sleeping habits before giving birth as well as the first several months of his life! She responds quickly anytime day(or night) to real time questions and gives advice that is doable and works! My little one has slept through the night since 12 weeks old without a regression and I have Katy to thank for helping me navigate through those first critical months. She has so much experience not only helping others but in her own family as she is a mom of 4 great sleepers! I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Mom of a newborn, Georgetown, TX

Christine W – Plano, TX

“Kaley is the best! She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. She creates a plan tailored to your family’s needs. If you’re hesitant to start sleep training, don’t be – she will help you get your life back. Both baby and parents will benefit from regular naps and a restful night’s sleep.”

– Mom of a 3-month-old, Plano, TX

Megan B – Cedar Park, TX

“Katy has been a lifesaver! Providing sound advice from day one, Katy gave my husband and I the tools we needed to help our daughter sleep well and consistently. She was sleeping through the night by two months! Katy responds quickly, listens to my concerns, and always considers the specific needs and situation of our family. When my daughter struggled with weekend naps at age one, Katy provided the tools we needed to get back on track. I am eternally grateful and plan to utilize everything I’ve learned from Katy on my second little one!!”

– Mom of a 1-year-old, Cedar Park, TX

Jennifer A – Denton, TX

“Kaley helped my husband and I get our 8 month old sleeping through the night and on a schedule. We were getting no more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep at night, but with Kaley’s guidance, our baby was sleeping 12 consecutive hours within a week. So thankful for her help! She was available when we had questions and followed up with us throughout the process. Thank you, Kaley!”

– Mom of an 8-month-old, Denton, TX

Kris L – Grand Prairie, TX

“Before we called Kaley, we were at our wits end. We had tried everything ourselves, read so many books and blog posts, and nothing was working. Our daughter was waking every hour and a half, would only go back to sleep while nursing, couldn’t be put down, and getting her “to sleep” at night took hours.

We hired Kaley to be with us on night 1 for the entire night – and that was the best decision we’ve ever made. Kaley was so helpful on that first really long night, and with us every step of the way after. She took our concerns into account, adjusted the sleep plan along the way to meet our needs and to adjust for what wasn’t working for our daughter – halfway through the first two weeks, when it was clear our daughter wasn’t getting used to longer naps, Kaley changed up how we tried naps and suddenly our daughter was sleeping for over an hour at each nap.

We wish we had done this sooner. It’s been a couple weeks now and our daughter sleeps through the night (which she had never done before), and at bedtime and naps, she goes into her crib awake and is asleep within 10 minutes, with minimal fussing. Kaley seriously saved our lives.”

– Dad of a 5-month-old, Grand Prairie, TX

Tara L – Mesquite, TX

“Kaley is amazing!!! We went from having a 7-month-old waking up multiple times at night—sometimes for over an hour at a time—to sleeping 12 hrs a night. It was amazing! He also learned to roll within 3 days of implementing her recommended exercises. I feel totally confident knowing how to help our son fall asleep. The best part? I never had to leave his side while he was learning to self-soothe. We are on a great daytime eating and nap schedule and couldn’t be happier. Hiring Kaley was by far the best decision we could have made! We now have a happy sleeper!”

– Mom of a 7-month-old, Mesquite, TX

Diane G – Mckinney, TX

“Kaley is a life saver! My pediatrician recommended her after complaining that I couldn’t get more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep with my little one and he was almost 1! I was skeptical at first because I thought Why would I pay for this help when I was able to sleep train my first child? But after several methods failed with my second child I decided it was time for some help and it was well worth every penny! My son was sleeping through the night after about day 4! He falls asleep about 7:30pm and doesn’t wake up until about 8! It’s amazing & I only wish I would have done this sooner.

Each child is different so she tailors the sleep training to fit your child’s needs also adjusting the process as needed. The tips are no brainers but you really don’t realize how your good intentions can really cripple your child and could prevent them from developing their own self soothing skills. I highly recommend her, she’s professional, very sweet, understanding and non-judgmental. She gives you info to keep you on track and offers the support needed to succeed. Thank you Kaley for giving me my sleep back!!!”

– Mom of an 11-month old, Mckinney, TX

Laura Z – Mansfield, TX

“I’m so happy I decided to reach out to Kaley for help with my 4 month old daughter’s sleep. She made a sleep plan for my daughter that included a night time feed still since I wasn’t ready to stop those. My daughter went from waking up 4-5 times a night down to just the one time for the feeding within a week. I am so thankful I found Kaley and would highly recommend her to anyone with a baby who doesn’t sleep well.”

– Mom of a 4-month-old, Mansfield, TX

Ashley H, Pasadena, TX

“Kaley’s sleep training plan has been incredible!! It has been the best investment we could have ever made into our family! The only regret I have is waiting until our son was 9 months old!! Kaley is a great communicator and responds to questions quickly. Our son was waking up multiple times in the middle of the night, had to be rocked to sleep, would only sleep in a dock a tot, and would take four 30 min naps a day. After the first night, our son slept through the night! He now talks himself to sleep, sleeps through the night and takes two MUCH longer naps. Our son was already a happy baby but he is even happier now. He does not NEED a pacifier anymore. My life has completely changed!! I am so grateful for Kaley’s sleep training program. It is an investment but its priceless. Thanks for all your support!”

– Mom of a 9-month-old, Pasadena, TX

 Chrissie B – Trophy Club, TX

“Working with Kaley has been awesome. She is like the baby-whisperer. My baby was sleeping was better within just a couple of nights! It’s worth your time for the 15 minute sleep evaluation if you need sleep help!”

– Mom of a 15-month-old, Trophy Club, TX

Shannon B – Waco, TX

“Kaley was absolutely wonderful to work with and was very thorough and supportive during the entire process! My husband and I are first time parents and had created some pretty strong sleep dependencies for our son. We were spending hours rocking him to sleep for his naps and bedtime. He started daycare at 3 months old and was only averaging about 15 minutes per nap. The poor guy was coming home exhausted. We knew we needed to do something to help him so when he turned 5 months old we called Kaley. She helped us understand the sleep needs of babies and created a plan based on our family’s specific needs. She was there every step of the way offering support and I can happily say that our son is falling asleep and staying asleep on his own. Sleep training with Kaley helped us not only put our son in a better position but for my husband and I to get time and sleep back! She set us up for success and we are very appreciative. I would definitely recommend her to any parent!”

– Mom of a 5-month-old, Waco, TX

Gwen S – Carrollton, TX

“By the time our son was four months old, he was still waking up between six and ten times each night, and his naps were very short and all over the place. Since our first child slept great from the beginning, my husband and I had no clue how to deal with this. We had a GREAT experience working with Kaley, and our son slept through the ENTIRE night on night two of working with her. He’s now six months old and still sleeps like a champ, and his naps are very solid and predictable. I especially appreciated that Kaley provided step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to respond to every scenario. After reading so many contradictory recommendations on the internet and in sleep books, I needed someone to provide a guide that worked for us so I wouldn’t doubt myself. I am so happy to recommend Kaley to anyone!!!”

– Mom of a 4-month-old, Carrollton, TX

Sara K – Austin, TX

“We lovingly call Katy Adams the baby whisperer because she has so much knowledge on how to get babies sleeping through the night! Both of our kids started sleeping all night by 11 weeks [with just one night feeding] thanks to her expertise, guidance, patience and encouragement. Katy is a joy to work with and will walk you through the sleep journey giving you confidence that your plan will work. You won’t regret your decision and everyone in your house will sleep soundly! It’s a win, win.”

– Mom of a 5-week-old, Austin, TX

Shannon C – Friendswood, TX

“Kaley came to our house for a sleep consultation when our daughter was 5 months old. She helped us come up with a workable plan to get her sleeping better AND INDEPENDENTLY at night and for naps. We saw results quickly and it felt so great to have a PLAN. It was worth penny; my only regret is that we didn’t seek out help sooner. Thank you, Kaley!”

– Mom of a 5-month-old, Friendswood, TX

Kristin A – Round Rock, TX

“I worked with Katy and she is PHENOMENAL. My daughter started sleeping through the entire night at 8 weeks, just waking up one time a night to feed. And before that, she was doing long stretches thanks to Katy’s guidance. My husband and I are eternally grateful to Katy, and we have more energy to be engaged parents because we are sleeping. Can’t give higher praises to the incredible value of this service.”

– Mom of an 8-week-old, Round Rock, TX

AuBrey W – El Paso, TX

“I found Kaley while desperately googling sleep consultants in the middle of the night while my husband rocked our fussy, sleepy baby who couldn’t put herself to sleep and needed us to help her every time she woke up (which was 6-7 times per night.) We were both dying at work being so sleep deprived and dreaded nights. After the 2 weeks using Kaley’s sleep plan I put our baby down last night awake and left the room. She fussed for about 15 seconds and then quietly found a comfortable position and fell asleep. She slept 12 hours and woke up happy and well rested. This has been life changing for us. I swear it feels like we are coming back to life. I didn’t realize how sleep deprived we really were until we started sleeping well again. I can’t recommend Kaley enough. She is patient and very thorough and will customize a sleep plan that works for your baby. I never felt like we were neglecting her, we were just teaching her how to help herself go to sleep and I think she’s much happier as well. I was skeptical about “sleep training” in the beginning but am a true believer now. Give Kaley a try, you won’t regret it!”

– Mom of an 8-month-old, El Paso, TX

Ariana T – Beaumont, TX

“Kaley was so sweet and great to work with I took some very good techniques she taught and was able to take that and make it work in our routine and it helped so much to get my son back on track and sleeping well and that means I’m sleeping well and feel so much better than before!”

– Mom of a 20-month-old, Beaumont, TX

Chenae D – San Antonio, TX

“Kaley is a very gifted woman! She has experience and training that qualify her for this job, but more importantly she has mastered the art of keeping calm while we parents freak out. I called Kaley after I fell asleep while driving to work one day. It was the scariest thing, thinking I could have just left my 7 month-old without a mom. I work full-time, and am still breastfeeding. I co-slept with my baby until she was about 6 months old, then attempted to transition her to the crib. This was partially successful, but I typically ended up falling asleep with her on the cot I had next to her crib after the 2nd or 3rd nursing session during the nights. My baby also started waking up during the night and not going back to sleep for anywhere from 1-3 hours. I was exhausted. I had gotten into the habit of rocking or nursing her to sleep, and our nanny sang and rocked her to sleep during the day for naps. I had not read any sleep-training books, was terrified of permanently damaging my child with CIO method, but was also at my wits end. Kaley does a wonderful job of explaining the current best evidence for sleep-training. She even sent me some articles because my husband (who wasn’t losing any sleep, by the way) was significantly opposed to the idea of our baby crying at all. Kaley walked me through our sleep plan, step-by-step. She very calmly and knowledgeably answered all of my questions. She even managed my anxiety during a frantic sobbing call during the first week when no one in my house was willing to help. My kiddo is now 9 months old and even with a little regression as she is learning to walk (😫), I’m confident in my ability to coach her through this stage and come out on the other side. My baby was sleeping through the night in no later than 2 weeks, but had at least one or two nights of mostly sleeping through the night within the first week. No matter what sleep training method you use, it will likely be uncomfortable just due to the nature of change. It was incredibly difficult, but totally worth it. Kaley made the process feel so much less scary with her reassurance. Give her a call. She will let you know if your baby is ready for sleep training, and will give you a personalized plan to walk you and your baby through the rewarding process of learning how to sleep! I am still not even sleeping through the night just because my body hasn’t adjusted, but I’m sleeping SIGNIFICANTLY better and no more falling asleep while driving to work at 6:30 AM! Thank you, Kaley!”

– Mom of a 7-month-old, San Antonio, TX

Aisha O – Houston, TX

“Kaley is seriously a miracle worker or a sleep-consulting magician because I had a really tough baby when it came to sleeping and before 10 days, my 7/8 months old was sleeping through the night. He literally was waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse at night and I was at the brink of loosing my mind when I decided to find a sleep consultant. I was between Kaley of Live Love Sleep and another company and after talking to Kaley, I automatically knew she was the right person for the job. The other lady’s method involved letting the baby cry it out with me not being in the room and she was very stern about it.

Kaley was gentle, sweet, understanding, and didn’t like the cry it out method either. That really was the main deciding factor. Long story short, she came out to our home which was a far drive while was 8 months pregnant (can you believe it?!!) She met with us and gave us tips for the nursery and went over the sleep plan with us. She would respond to all my emails and was very encouraging when it got tough but we stuck through it and now I pray for her all the time when I see how easy it is to put my little guy who is now 20 months to sleep. Thank you Kaley and God bless you!”

– Mom of a 7-month-old, Bellaire, Houston, TX